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Science tells that that starting around age 35, our muscles start to decline and staying fit becomes more challenging

  • Muscle strength diminishes
  • Excess weight accumulates
  • Energy levels plummet
  • Mobility and balance issues creep in
  • Staying fit gets harder
  • Risk of injury increases
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The fitness industry often overlooks the unique needs of active adults over age 35, making it difficult to find a safe, age-appropriate fitness routine and a supportive community for achieving your unique fitness goals as you age. However, there is a solution: our Get Age Fit personal training gym in Georgetown, TX.

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Get Age Fit And Transform Your Life,
No Matter Your Age

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Custom Fitness Programs

At Get Age Fit, our team of compassionate personal trainers are specially equipped to customize your fitness journey. You can trust that we'll always lead you through a safe, effective, efficient, and age-appropriate strength training program so you can quickly achieve your unique fitness goals.

Remarkable Transformations

Imagine a future where age is just a number, and you feel strong, confident, and healthy—no matter how old you are. By working your custom fitness and nutrition plan, you can overcome the natural obstacles that age brings and live your life to the fullest.

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Supportive Community

Our unique personal training studio is more than a place to exercise. It's a vibrant hub of support, encouragement, and motivation. Here you'll find a community of like-minded folks who understand your goals, cheer you on, and celebrate your achievements.

Reclaim Your Strength at our Personal Training Gym in Georgetown, TX The Life-Changing Health Benefits Await!

Strength training is vital for healthy aging. It helps build muscle mass, increase bone density, boost energy levels, improve balance, enhance brain health, prevent chronic conditions, and elevate overall quality of life.

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Fitness from Age 35-45

Starting at age 35, your body naturally loses muscle mass and strength, and it continues over the next decade. But when you intentionally focus on building muscle strength, you can counteract these effects while improving bone density, increasing your metabolism, and improving your overall health. We're here to help you fight the aging process with a scientifically proven fitness plan.
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Fitness from age 45-55

As you head into your 50s, your body experiences further changes, including a decline in muscle mass, bone density, and metabolic rate. Building strength becomes even more crucial during this time, as it helps maintain muscle mass, improve bone health, enhance metabolism, and boost overall vitality. If you're feeling the affects of aging, we invite you to invest in yourself to stay active, independent, and vibrant throughout your 50s and beyond.
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Fitness from age 55-65

As you head into your 60s, the natural aging process continues resulting in further muscle loss, decreased flexibility, and reduced balance. Rebuilding your strength becomes even more critical during this stage of life to preserve muscle mass, increase bone density, improve joint mobility, and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. If you're noticing these changes in your body, we invite you to prioritize your well-being and unlock a new level of vitality through strength training.
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Fitness from age 65+

At 65+, the aging process brings further challenges such as muscle loss, decreased mobility, and a higher risk of chronic conditions. Building strength remains crucial during this stage as it helps preserve muscle mass, improve balance, enhance joint flexibility, boost metabolism, and promote overall functional independence. Personal strength training for seniors becomes a vital tool in maintaining vitality, reducing the risk of falls, improving cognitive function, and enhancing overall quality of life. As you continue to age from here, strength training can help you live a fulfilling and independent lifestyle well into your 70s and beyond.
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New from Get Age Fit!
Youth Program: Training for Teens

Introducing "Training for Teens"—the new youth program from Get Age Fit in Georgetown, TX. This specially-designed personal training program empowers adolescents to become their best selves through personalized fitness sessions with expert trainers. This program focuses on building strength, boosting confidence, and promoting overall well-being. Enrolling your teen in this safe and effective program will nurture healthy habits, instill discipline, and set a strong foundation for a lifetime of physical and mental wellness. Call us today at (512) 591-7817 to schedule a free consultation for your teen.

Enjoy a personalized fitness routine that takes the mystery out of getting AGE FIT

We're not a typical gym, health club, or personal training studio. We're your trusted guide to safely achieving sustainable fitness results at any age, so you can live life on your own terms as you age.

“We hated the idea of becoming an old, frail couple—unable to do anything anymore. We train with Get Age Fit because each workout is personalized. They’ve given us a proven plan to get and stay in shape as we age—without getting hurt.”

-Rob & Sue
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“We knew we wanted a structured fitness regimen, but didn't want to go to one of those places. We chose Get Age Fit because of the compassionate trainers, custom workouts, and comfortable setting.”

- Jim & Jennifer
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“We were dealing with some serious health stuff. When the doctor said gastric bypass surgery was our best option for Robert, we said NO. Get Age Fit was the reason Robert avoided surgery.”

- Robert & Diane
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Fight the Aging Process with
a Scientifically Proven Plan to Get Age Fit

At Get Age Fit, you’re always expertly guided through a personalized workout that scientifically fights the aging process. No more guessing or fending for yourself!

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Personal Training

At Get Age Fit Personal Training Georgetown, TX, we craft customized, age-appropriate workouts designed to boost your energy, strength, and overall well-being. Our experienced trainers guide you on a personalized fitness journey that eliminates the risk of injury and delivers fast and durable results.

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Group Fitness Classes

Our curated list of small group classes was thoughtfully designed to support your overall mental, physical and emotional well-being as you age. Each class is led by a qualified instructor and will help you live life at your fullest while building long-lasting camaraderie with like-minded individuals in the Georgetown, TX, community.

Choose from a variety of group fitness classes in Georgetown, TX, including Yoga, Balance and Stability, Group Cardio/Abs, Stretching and Mobility, Nutrition and more!

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Nutrition Counseling

As we age, proper nutrition becomes even more important. Without it, our bodies can feel tired and be prone to getting sick. With it, our bodies can have energy and ensure we get the most out of each workout. At Get Age Fit, we support your custom fitness plan with our proven healthy eating plan to help you look and feel your best at any age. You can also add-on our nutrition counseling service for a completely customized meal plan!

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98% of our clients

stick with us after their first personal training session, and they report feeling stronger and more confident in just three weeks.

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Our expert trainers will give you a customized fitness and nutrition plan to help you achieve your unique health and fitness goals.

Enjoy being AGE FIT for life

When you invest in your fitness and nutrition, you invest in being your best self as you age and living your best life at any age.

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The Scientifically-Proven and Sustainable Fitness Solution—right here in Georgetown, TX!

Get Age Fit offers tailored fitness solutions designed specifically for active adults, like you. Led by highly-skilled personal trainers, our world-class personal training studio in Georgetown, TX, provides a safe, positive, and non-judgmental space to improve your health and fitness.

When you come in for a free consultation, you'll receive a personalized, age-appropriate and scientifically proven fitness and nutrition routine. And with your dedicated personal trainer attentively coaching you through every workout, you'll be in the best position to rebuild lost muscle and strength, lose excess body fat and gain back unstoppable energy—all while making new friends and enjoying the camaraderie of our amazing community!

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A Life That Gets Better
with Age

Our proven fitness program enables you to:

  • Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit
  • Rebuild your strength and confidence
  • Reclaim your energy
  • Restore your mobility to go beyond past limitations
  • Reset your metabolism and sustain a healthy weight
  • Renew your spirit and inner confidence
  • Revitalize your life
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