A Life-Changing Journey

“Get Age Fit gave my husband back his life. In less than a year he suffered a stroke, went through heart ablation, and a kidney removal. As you can imagine at the end of it, he was completely wiped out. There wasn’t much that he could get up and do. We didn’t have a workout plan before this, and it felt like it was impossible to start one now. A friend suggested Get Age Fit and after a meeting with Theo (he suggested I join my husband in the program as well), we began a life-changing journey. Six months later, we both looked noticeably different, we had muscle! And we felt like we had a new lease on life. I’m convinced we would never have done it in a regular gym. Theo and Michael gave us one on one attention and care taking us from where we were, intelligently pushing us to the next step, standing beside motivating us! The atmosphere of the gym ispersonal, welcoming, with an inclusive feeling for all abilities and bodies. We are forever grateful to Get Age Fit!!!”

Staff is Encouraging & Fun

“The experience Joanna and I had at Get Age Fit studio was truly life changing. We spent 12 months working out with trainer, Kelly, and learned so much about fitness and health. Kelly coached us not only on exercises, but on nutrition and overall physical well-being. It’s obvious Kelly loves helping people become healthy and strong as it shows in his attitude and everything that he does. We now have the confidence and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life! The entire staff at Get Age Fit is professional, encouraging, and fun to work with. If you’ve ever wanted to improve youroverall health and quality of life, give them a call. Joanna and I hope our journey has inspired others to take that first step.”

Trainers are Top Notch

“Get Age Fit gets 5 stars from me! Anyone who knows Theo, the owner, knows he consistently delivers superior services to his clients. He is super knowledgeable and exudes professionalism. Paula and all the trainers are top notch. The gym is super clean, new, and updated equipment. They provide a safe workout environment by adhering to social distancing practices. I highly recommend this place!”

Personalized Attention

“Get Age Fit provides the training, motivation, and accountability you’ll need… every step of the way. They say ‘Trust the Process’… YES… establishing a firm habit will produce better results long term for your health than losing 5-10 pounds in a couple of weeks. Slimming and muscle toning combination of resistance training, heart healthy cardio, and customized health nutrition with personalized attention!”

Beautiful Environment

“I have just completed my 3rd visit to Get Age Fit. I am so excited. I have battled my weight for most of my adult life. (I’m 61 years old.) My workout with Vicki today was amazing. She is patient and caring and is pushing me to do my best.Theo and all the staff seem to do the same. Can’t wait to get the results I have longed for through age-appropriate workouts and the right nutrition in a beautiful environment. Here we go!”

My Clothes Fit So Much Better

“Great environment with knowledgeable, encouraging trainers and well-maintained equipment. Look forward to going, even on “leg” day. Feel like I’m stronger physically and mentally since starting training here months ago. Not to mention my clothes fit so much better.”

My Perfect Studio Gym

“Get Age Fit is my perfect studio gym. I have made huge strides here with my trainer, Theo Thurston, as has my wife, Paula. We feel like it’s a community supporting each other in our individual goals. I HIGHLY recommend Get Age Fit to anyone serious about making a life change.”

Trainers are Great

“Theo and his trainers are great! I’ve had the pleasure of working out there for over a year. There’s always more to learn, and as with anything — you get out of it what you put into it.”

Theo Never Disappoints

“Working out with Theo never disappoints! He always provides spiritual experiences! If you like to work hard and see transformation, Theo is your man!”

Personalized Training Plans

“The best 1 on 1 instructors and personalized training plans. Private training sessions and competitive pricing.”

Lost Fat and Gained Muscle

“In 4 weeks, I lost 6 pounds of fat and gained .5 pound of muscle. Thank you!”

Plans are Customized to You

“Theo is great! He designs a plan that is customized for you. It is a small, intimated gym with no judging. Love it!”