The Get Age System incorporates basic and time tested training and nutrition principles, which work now and will work 50 years from now. These are the foundational training and nutrition principles with a proven 20 year track record by men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

This proven system utilizes the right training and nutrition components, in the right amounts, and at the right times. Working together they create a synergistic effect, which produces an end result that is greater that the sum of the individual components.

Get Age Fit incorporates age and ability appropriate RESISTANCE TRAINING (dumbbells, barbells and machines), BALANCED NUTRITION (whole foods including protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats), and INTERVAL CARDIO (with heart rate levels for fat burning, endurance and brief VO2 Max training.)



The Time-Under-Tension Training Component

FACT: Muscle doesn't know how much weight you are lifting, it only registers the amount of TENSION being placed upon it. When a person is lifting heavy weight, it is the joints and tendons which take the brunt of the weight, not the muscle. 

With Time-Under-Tension training, we incorporate lighter weights so the tension transfers directly into the muscle, not into the ligaments and tendons. 

Then, we slow down the cadence of each repetition.. where we use 4 full seconds on the concentric (lowering) phase, 2 seconds on the static hold phase, and 2 seconds on the eccentric (lifting) phase.

This means the muscle will be under tension a total of 8 seconds per repetition (4+2+2=8), rather than just 2 seconds with the faster paced lifting.

More tension with lighter weights, and more time under tension yields the safest and most efficient way to build strength, muscle tone and boost your metabolism.. and your personal trainer will be teaching, coaching, assisting and motivating you through the entire process!



Whole Food Based Program

The Get Age Fit program incorporates 5-6 smaller meals and snacks per day, utilizing PROTEINS, CARBOHYDRATES and HEALTHY FATS from mostly whole food sources.

Because you will be exercising, you need to have the right foods to fuel your workouts, with minimal use of shakes and bars.

We do not sell or advocate pre-packaged foods or shakes as part of our program.

Your trainer will sit down with you and customize your eating plan according to foods you already like, and will make ongoing adjustments according to your progress.



Cardiovascular training is essential for health and fat loss. It is the only component which simultaneously burns body fat while increasing your metabolism.

If you reduce your calories too much, it will slow down your metabolism.. so dieting and simple calorie reduction is not the long term answer to keeping the weight off.

We utilize a fun, scientific and highly effective program called "Countdown Cardio." As mentioned, it
incorporates varying levels of cardiovascular exertion so heart rate levels move from fat burning (lower hear rate), to endurance (mid-range heart rate) to VO2 Max (higher heart rate.. always below calculated maximum heart rate and adjusted for age and fitness level.)

Thank you for reading through the Get Age Fit processes. I would like to invite you to actually experience how this type of training feels.. which is why we are offering a free 30-minute training session immediately after your free 30-minute private Consultation.

Most people are very pleasantly surprised how great it feels to use lighter weights, slow down the lifting tempo, and actually experience how great it is to feel the muscles working!