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Get Age Fit offers a variety of one-on-one and couples programs which focus on age-appropriate weight training, cardiovascular training and healthy nutrition.

As you begin to get a little older, it is extremely important to optimize your body composition by building lean muscle tissue through weight training and protein consumption, and reducing body fat stores through healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise.

Our weight training programs, from complete beginner to intermediate and advanced, all incorporate a proven muscle and strength building technique called “time under tension” training.

Simply put, your muscles don’t know how MUCH weight you are lifting, only the amount of TENSION being placed upon them for a certain amount of TIME.

So when the goal is to place tension on the muscle (as opposed to lifting as heavy a weight as you can), combined with a slower lifting and lowering tempo, you can actually use lighter weights to create optimal muscle stimulation.

Lifting lighter and more slowly is ideal because it is safer, easier on the joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue, and allows you to actually FEEL your muscles working as the weight is lifted and lowered.

When people experience this for the first time, they are amazed that they can actually FEEL their muscles engaging and they have CONTROL of the exercise being performed!

If you would like to experience how natural time-under-tension training feels with one of our Get Age Fit Certified Trainers, click the link below and we’ll set up a good time for your free consultation and mini training session.

At that time we will also go over in detail the cardiovascular and nutrition components of the program, which work in conjunction with time-under-tension weight training.