Most gyms have what is called "open membership," where people come in and try to figure out what to do on their own. With little or no emphasis on professional guidance, ongoing support, or accountability (in fact, their business model relies on people NOT showing up), most get discouraged and quit due to lack of results or injury.

The other issue is the bigger gyms are designed for young people.. cheap price, loud music, lots of grunting, strutting and mirror gazing. Not exactly what a more mature person feels comfortable with.

Other smaller facilities rely on "group training," which I call the "herd mentality" model. No matter how fancy a business model, facility, technology and ra-ra group leaders, the fact remains you are not getting personalized attention to show YOU exactly what to do and how to do it.

When I was first putting together the business model for Get Age Fit in 2016, all the so-called experts were advising me that the only way to go was to have group classes.. for obvious reasons (hint:$$$)

I discarded that idea because I felt it wasn't in the best interest of my clients, plain and simple. Plus I wanted to create something people who have grown up a little would really love and appreciate because it catered to them specifically.

If you're looking for a clean, comfortable and beautiful place to train without the crowds and hassle, with 100% personalized attention from your private personal trainer, then I invite you to come experience Get Age Fit.

My staff and I look forward to meeting you, welcoming you to our unique transformation center, and showing you exactly how our proven, safe and enjoyable process can work for YOU!!